Monday, April 2, 2012


As a tribute to Atari, my favorite video gaming system (Probably because it was the first one I ever played and I also probably played it the most) I created twenty three different pieces of games from the past that I remember fondly.   And yes, I am still upset that my sister could beat E.T. and I couldn't.   (Though not quite as upset as when you clearly aim Spider-Man's web at the building but the game pretends like you didn't and makes you fall when you're so close to the top)

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Bio of Joshua Macala

A former toy addict, Joshua Macala has been writing and creating nonsense since he was born... or at least for as long as he can remember.   In addition to all of his fine blogs linked here, you can also find his work freelance on the web and in print.    Some of the recent outlets he has contributed to include but are not limited to Space City Rock (, abOUT Magazine (, and Alien Bee (   He also briefly wrote for the short-lived website The PW Potato, which as far as he knows no longer exists but he did find it cool to have Wade Keller actually answer some of his emails.

Currently up for writing and arting about most anything for most anyone, it's just a matter of what time allows.   He lives in Spring, Texas with his wife, son and army of cats.