Wednesday, June 13, 2012

eev eet

+ eev eet
                A blog for reviews of television shows.   I actually do not have cable or anything, so all of the shows that I watch are always on DVD.    This is the review of those DVDs, though not the special features necessarily.  
                I just decided to start this one day because I felt the need to write about television but didn’t know where to put it (not having cable, so not being a huge enthusiast, but feeling a little tv is all right), so some of the reviews come at random season numbers and don’t always start at the beginning.   But if I review Season 2, Season 3, etc., just know that I’ve seen the previous seasons before reviewing and also before starting this blog, hence why they’re not reviewed already.   Will I go back and re-watch them and then review them one day, to sort of fill in the gaps?  Probably.


+ GraffiBee
                Stickers and other forms of art all centered on the main theme of bees.   You’ll like it or your money back.

Entertainment as a Second Language

+ Entertainment as a Second Language
                I once watched a movie in Spanish simply because Blue Demon was in it.    I had no subtitles, no dubs, no idea what anyone was saying.   I ended up reviewing it, typing up random thoughts based on what the characters might be saying and how the plot might be coming together and thus this blog was born.
                I have at least one more DVD I can do the same with, but after that the future is wide open here.   I’m not sure if it will continue, as it is a process I rarely have the time for these days.


                I don’t know why I created this.  I don’t even remember how I came up with the name.   You should probably stay away from it.

Kamakaze Squirrel Photography

+ Kamakaze Squirrel Photography
                Occasionally when I take pictures, I like to mess them up in Photoshop.   The probability of you seeing any actual people in these pictures is quite slim.

Justice Kerz

+ Justice Kerz
                Sometimes I make stickers.  When I do, I post them here.  If you’d like some of my stickers for any reason, feel free to shoot me an email at josh <underscore> macala <at> Hotmail <dot> com.


+ ayearwithnomoss
                For my thirty-second birthday, I bought a musical keyboard.   That is a story within itself, but it needs to be known that when I purchased said keyboard I also received a free year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.    As I found out later, their idea of a year is not quite the same as my idea of a year (The subscription is based upon number of issues rather than actual months, plus RS comes out every two weeks) but I stuck with my original title because I happened to like it.
                This is project is actually almost complete- as I’ve received the majority of my issues- and I will update this section here when it is actually done to say so.    For now just enjoy my review of one of the longest running magazines (I’m guessing) before I send them off to the magazine recycling center at my local library.

Modern LACKtress

+ Modern LACKtress
                Have you been searching around Hollywood, wondering where all of the great actors have gone?  I know I sure have.   No one really stands out in my mind as having that quality that the stars of old possessed.  
                This blog is dedicated to movies from the past (though Alfred Hitchcock movies have their own blog with Godzilla) and features primarily the movies of actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Ann Baxter, Doris Day and actors such as Cary Grant, Peter Sellers and James Dean. 
                In addition to reviewing these particular movies, I also plot as to who I think Hollywood would cast in them if they were to make them today, and also who I would choose from the shallow end of the pool.