Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Illegal Wiretaps: Reviews

"A Secret I Can't Decode"

"American Family Radio Volume 1"

"In Memoriam of A. Takopoulos"

"Mona, Texas"


"The Inevitable Goodbye"

"Believe In Ghosts E.P."

"Am Unstable"

"You Are Not My Type"

"Lithium Sunshine"

"Live at Pik-n-Pak"

"The Wilder Shores of Love"

"The Antipathy Waltzes"


"Negative Tapes"

"Your Perverted Limb E.P."

"Venus and Adonis"

"Excellence at the End of the World"

Monday, July 16, 2012

What they say...

"With all due respect, this is honestly the worst review of anything that I have ever read. It is actually so bad that it inspired me to read other reviews and reflections from this author. I am therefore confident in saying as much; this is mock-coherent and petty and trite and mislead all at the same time.
Kudos to Josh Macala for evoking such an honest reaction from me. I mean that with sincere respect bereft of hard feelings or ill-will towards the author."
- Cory Sinclair, The Manichean

Well Read, Read Well

                Reading books is harder than reading comic books, listening to music or watching a movie.   This is mainly a concern of time—as a book cannot usually be read in one sitting, but most other things can be reviewed in one sitting.
                Whenever I actually do finish reading a book and feel the need to write about it, this is where the review will go.    The title simply means that I am Well Read and if you wish to be as well you should follow in my footsteps and Read Well.    It makes more sense in my head.

One of One 'Zine

                This blog is to help monitor and track the release of ‘zines I will be publishing that are one of one.   What does this mean exactly?  It means that all of the content in the ‘zines will be exclusive to that ‘zine and there will only ever be one copy of it made by me.   Now, if whoever happens to find it wants to copy it or mass produce it, fine, but I’m only ever making one of them.
                How can you get these ‘zines, you ask, these rare collector items?  Perhaps they will be sold somewhere, auctioned off or donated to the first person who inquires.   Perhaps they will simply be left places in hopes that they fall into the right hands.   Maybe I’ll recycle them after I make them.   No one really knows and each one will be so different. 

The New Poetry Revolution

                A blog set out to pose the question as to where is the new generation of Beats?  Does it even exist?   This blog will support a new ‘zine published randomly that includes what is to be the future of poetry.     For updates and any other info, check the blog site itself.

Not Quite a Mop

                A blog about the Muppets and Jim Henson.    The title is taken from an episode of “The Simpsons”, if you didn’t figure that out on your own.    Other than the television shows and movies, I’m not sure what other Muppet fun might end up on here, but only time will tell.
                Related Note:  My favorite Muppet is Dr. Teeth.

Yojimbo Without Ronin

                A blog chronicling numerous movies based around the martial arts.   Let’s kung fu!

Disney Waltz

                A blog that will one day review all of the major Disney animated movies as well as some classic live action films from Disney as well.    Other Disney related reviews could end up on here, but let’s start with one step at a time.

Rock N Roll Heaven

                An amusing look at musicians and other rock star sorts who have died, as this is the second comic strip both written and illustrated by Joshua Macala.   Initially, it was set to be hand drawn in the same style as “Ape Man”, but that became too time consuming and this way just seemed to come out better.   
                The first eleven strips were recently posted online for your viewing pleasure- for free- and more will eventually surface.   There is no schedule to this at all though; it just happens when it happens.


                This blog reviews movies dubbed westerns or apparently even if they just happen to have Clint Eastwood in them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

eev eet

+ eev eet
                A blog for reviews of television shows.   I actually do not have cable or anything, so all of the shows that I watch are always on DVD.    This is the review of those DVDs, though not the special features necessarily.  
                I just decided to start this one day because I felt the need to write about television but didn’t know where to put it (not having cable, so not being a huge enthusiast, but feeling a little tv is all right), so some of the reviews come at random season numbers and don’t always start at the beginning.   But if I review Season 2, Season 3, etc., just know that I’ve seen the previous seasons before reviewing and also before starting this blog, hence why they’re not reviewed already.   Will I go back and re-watch them and then review them one day, to sort of fill in the gaps?  Probably.


+ GraffiBee
                Stickers and other forms of art all centered on the main theme of bees.   You’ll like it or your money back.

Entertainment as a Second Language

+ Entertainment as a Second Language
                I once watched a movie in Spanish simply because Blue Demon was in it.    I had no subtitles, no dubs, no idea what anyone was saying.   I ended up reviewing it, typing up random thoughts based on what the characters might be saying and how the plot might be coming together and thus this blog was born.
                I have at least one more DVD I can do the same with, but after that the future is wide open here.   I’m not sure if it will continue, as it is a process I rarely have the time for these days.


                I don’t know why I created this.  I don’t even remember how I came up with the name.   You should probably stay away from it.

Kamakaze Squirrel Photography

+ Kamakaze Squirrel Photography
                Occasionally when I take pictures, I like to mess them up in Photoshop.   The probability of you seeing any actual people in these pictures is quite slim.

Justice Kerz

+ Justice Kerz
                Sometimes I make stickers.  When I do, I post them here.  If you’d like some of my stickers for any reason, feel free to shoot me an email at josh <underscore> macala <at> Hotmail <dot> com.


+ ayearwithnomoss
                For my thirty-second birthday, I bought a musical keyboard.   That is a story within itself, but it needs to be known that when I purchased said keyboard I also received a free year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.    As I found out later, their idea of a year is not quite the same as my idea of a year (The subscription is based upon number of issues rather than actual months, plus RS comes out every two weeks) but I stuck with my original title because I happened to like it.
                This is project is actually almost complete- as I’ve received the majority of my issues- and I will update this section here when it is actually done to say so.    For now just enjoy my review of one of the longest running magazines (I’m guessing) before I send them off to the magazine recycling center at my local library.

Modern LACKtress

+ Modern LACKtress
                Have you been searching around Hollywood, wondering where all of the great actors have gone?  I know I sure have.   No one really stands out in my mind as having that quality that the stars of old possessed.  
                This blog is dedicated to movies from the past (though Alfred Hitchcock movies have their own blog with Godzilla) and features primarily the movies of actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Ann Baxter, Doris Day and actors such as Cary Grant, Peter Sellers and James Dean. 
                In addition to reviewing these particular movies, I also plot as to who I think Hollywood would cast in them if they were to make them today, and also who I would choose from the shallow end of the pool.

Monday, April 2, 2012


As a tribute to Atari, my favorite video gaming system (Probably because it was the first one I ever played and I also probably played it the most) I created twenty three different pieces of games from the past that I remember fondly.   And yes, I am still upset that my sister could beat E.T. and I couldn't.   (Though not quite as upset as when you clearly aim Spider-Man's web at the building but the game pretends like you didn't and makes you fall when you're so close to the top)

Links to Other Writing

Tinsel Town or Bust Guest Absurdist:

abOUT Magazine:

Alien Bee:

Space City Rock:

Bio of Joshua Macala

A former toy addict, Joshua Macala has been writing and creating nonsense since he was born... or at least for as long as he can remember.   In addition to all of his fine blogs linked here, you can also find his work freelance on the web and in print.    Some of the recent outlets he has contributed to include but are not limited to Space City Rock (, abOUT Magazine (, and Alien Bee (   He also briefly wrote for the short-lived website The PW Potato, which as far as he knows no longer exists but he did find it cool to have Wade Keller actually answer some of his emails.

Currently up for writing and arting about most anything for most anyone, it's just a matter of what time allows.   He lives in Spring, Texas with his wife, son and army of cats.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raised by Gypsies

This is somewhat of a side project to Post Kaiju Apocalypse.   Who knows what will show up on it.

Godzilla vs. Hitchcock

This blog combines the two most wonderful worlds that can do no wrong in my mind:  Alfred Hitchcock and the mighty Godzilla.   So far it is mostly just pictures of Godzilla Photoshopped into Hitchcock movie posters, but it may become so much more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                After spanning nearly a decade, Nacho Cheese and Anarchy (or NCA for short) was a ‘zine, webzine and even emailzine all done under the name of Josh Nacho.    Though the primary focus was music, with band interviews, CD reviews and live show reviews, there were other non-musical bits mixed in.   During its run, I had the honor and sometimes disgrace of interviewing the following bands:  Anberlin, Allister, Aiden, Atreyu, The Audition, Alison Danger,The All-American Rejects, Breaking Pangea, The Beautiful Mistake,  Bayside, The Break, Boy Sets Fire, Brazil, Copeland, Catch 22, Christiansen, CurlUpandDie, Cadillac Blindside, Coheed and Cambria, Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine, Delta Dart, Dashboard Confessional, Feable Weiner, Forgive Durden, The Forecast, Fairweather, From Autumn to Ashes, Grade, Gym Class Heroes, Give Up the Ghost, Gatsbys American Dream, The Hope Conspiracy, Haste, Hopesfall, The Hurt Process, I Am the Avalanche, JamisonParker,The Junior Varsity, Liars Academy, The Lyndsey Diaries, Murder by Death, My Chemical Romance, mae, mewithoutYou, The Movielife, Moment, New Found Glory,  Nerf Herder, On the Might of Princes, Prevent Falls, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s, Phantom Planet, The Pale, River City Rebels, Recover, Relient K, Reach the Sky, The Reunion Show, The Rocket Summer, The Rocking Horse Winner, Suicide Machines, Secret Lives of the Freemasons, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Silverstein, The Stereo, Student Rick, Spitalfield, Strike Anywhere, Stretch Arm Strong, Shai Hulud, Streetlight Manifesto, Schatzi, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Thursday, A Thorn for Every Heart, Two Gallants, Trial by Fire, Ten Foot Pole, Uphill Battle, Unearth, Waterdown, Whole Wheat Bread, The Warren Commission, Waking Ashland, Yellowcard
Sorry to anyone I forgot.
                Through several different website I won’t name as well as some print issues which do exist out there, all you need to know about NCA can be found either on the internet or in my closet.   Unfortunately, I do not have time to catalog it all myself and no one else has offered.   So you’re on your own if you want to find it.
                As the blog address says:  NCA is dead… and it’s not coming back!!


X1 is what you look like in your normal, everyday clothes.   X2 is what you look like in your underwear- bras, panties and what not.   X3 is your flesh- naked, nudity, XXX and all that you know.   X4 is when you remove your skin and can see the muscles and organs.   X5 is when you cut straight down to the bone.   X4X5 is an art project focusing on what lies underneath the skin.

The Untimely Adventures of Deadboy and Jake

What happens when a young boy is killed and he somehow stays on earth?   Well, he befriends a cat named Jake and they get into adventures and seemingly all the wrong times.   This is scheduled to be a twisted sort of children’s book.   It’s heavy on the pictures and light on the words, so you could show it to your young ones… but you might not want to!!

Serious Accusations

While I have pretty much distanced myself from professional wrestling in most aspects, sometimes I still feel the need to write something about the industry.   When I do, it gets posted here.  And yes, I mainly did start this blog to question whether or not WWE directly did kill Owen Hart.   Sometimes I just offer predictions, suggestions and commentaries on what’s going on in the world of wrestling.


I like soda.  I mean, I really like soda.   Do you remember that soda called Surge?  Of course you don’t.  Many people don’t.   I one day decided I’d like to take pictures of all of these sodas that are made and just the general look of their cans and bottles.   Then I decided why not alter them in Photoshop as well, just for fun.   This is the end result of that madness.   Enjoy it before we go zero calorie diet.

Post Kaiju Apocalypse

                Started in late 2010 as a way to review horror movies and B movies, Post Kaiju Apocalypse has transitioned into something much more.   While still a source of movie reviews of all sorts, it is also a blog that is a host to a number of other topics which span from the random to the mundane.    It has a bit of a personal touch and can be political at times.

Little Blue Bunny of Happiness

Random sketches of a little blue bunny, originally created on Facebook.  I’d love for one day everyone to make their own take on this delightful little character getting into situations.  He’s really pretty self explanatory. 

ICC Reality

When I was a kid I loved cereal.   In fact, I still love cereal, just not in the same way I did as a kid.   I blame that on the emphasis companies have these days of making cereals healthy instead of the main focus being the prize inside.    This blog is for those of you who look forward to that special time of the year when Boo Berry comes out.   “Cereality” was already taken, so I tried to make this like “I See Cereality”, which then got abbreviated into ICC Reality.   Does that make sense or have I confused you?   Who cares.  Just look at the pretty pictures of cereal mascots.
                This blog should be updated at least four times a year, sometimes maybe six depending on how busy the world of cereal is.


I don’t go out of my way to find shopping lists on the ground, left behind by someone on accident at the local super market or Walmart.   But when I do find them, I like to review them.  If I do one a year I’d be pleased.


All of the art I do that doesn’t find itself somewhere else, ends up under this banner.   Paintings, sketches, whatever.   Why this name?  Maybe I’ll tell you one day if you buy me a beer or two and have about three hours to spend.

City Beach Toys

When I got really hardcore into collecting wrestling figures—like, a serious addiction- I also then got into making custom wrestling figures.   I rehabbed that habit, but am now painting Roseart Color Blanks and whatever else I can get my hands on.  This is the name I decided to do it under.  If you understand why, then congratulations.

Ape Man

After watching too many movies about Bigfoot, I wondered what would happen if they were like the movies and really kind of got smarter over time.    As they turn from men into apes, they begin to shave off the body hair that makes them stand out in society.   This is a comic strip based upon the adventures of one of these sasquatches in particular who is constantly put in situations when he might have to take his clothes off and reveal he isn’t human at all.  The first volume collects 52 strips and is complete.   Its release date at this time is uncertain.