Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Illegal Wiretaps: Reviews

"A Secret I Can't Decode"

"American Family Radio Volume 1"

"In Memoriam of A. Takopoulos"

"Mona, Texas"


"The Inevitable Goodbye"

"Believe In Ghosts E.P."

"Am Unstable"

"You Are Not My Type"

"Lithium Sunshine"

"Live at Pik-n-Pak"

"The Wilder Shores of Love"

"The Antipathy Waltzes"


"Negative Tapes"

"Your Perverted Limb E.P."

"Venus and Adonis"

"Excellence at the End of the World"

Monday, July 16, 2012

What they say...

"With all due respect, this is honestly the worst review of anything that I have ever read. It is actually so bad that it inspired me to read other reviews and reflections from this author. I am therefore confident in saying as much; this is mock-coherent and petty and trite and mislead all at the same time.
Kudos to Josh Macala for evoking such an honest reaction from me. I mean that with sincere respect bereft of hard feelings or ill-will towards the author."
- Cory Sinclair, The Manichean

Well Read, Read Well

                Reading books is harder than reading comic books, listening to music or watching a movie.   This is mainly a concern of time—as a book cannot usually be read in one sitting, but most other things can be reviewed in one sitting.
                Whenever I actually do finish reading a book and feel the need to write about it, this is where the review will go.    The title simply means that I am Well Read and if you wish to be as well you should follow in my footsteps and Read Well.    It makes more sense in my head.

One of One 'Zine

                This blog is to help monitor and track the release of ‘zines I will be publishing that are one of one.   What does this mean exactly?  It means that all of the content in the ‘zines will be exclusive to that ‘zine and there will only ever be one copy of it made by me.   Now, if whoever happens to find it wants to copy it or mass produce it, fine, but I’m only ever making one of them.
                How can you get these ‘zines, you ask, these rare collector items?  Perhaps they will be sold somewhere, auctioned off or donated to the first person who inquires.   Perhaps they will simply be left places in hopes that they fall into the right hands.   Maybe I’ll recycle them after I make them.   No one really knows and each one will be so different. 

The New Poetry Revolution

                A blog set out to pose the question as to where is the new generation of Beats?  Does it even exist?   This blog will support a new ‘zine published randomly that includes what is to be the future of poetry.     For updates and any other info, check the blog site itself.

Not Quite a Mop

                A blog about the Muppets and Jim Henson.    The title is taken from an episode of “The Simpsons”, if you didn’t figure that out on your own.    Other than the television shows and movies, I’m not sure what other Muppet fun might end up on here, but only time will tell.
                Related Note:  My favorite Muppet is Dr. Teeth.